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The Arcadia group Deals - has it covered when it comes to fashion. Encompassing fashion staples such as Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge and Topman, there isn't much the Arcadia Group can't offer when it comes to expressive fashion choices.

Arcadia Group deals spring from a rich history of progress

Arcadia Group deals began their story over one hundred years ago with 18-year-old Lithuanian immigrant Montague Burton founding a male clothing manufacturer called Burtons. Since then, the Arcadia group has gone from strength to strength. Joining together top brands, and creating some of their own, into a single fashion design power-house, they have managed to deliver creations from some of the most well-known fashion designers to the fashionista and regular shopper alike thanks to a collaborative philosophy and a myriad of different outlets.

Which brands feature Arcadia Group Deals

Since its inception the Arcadia group has gathered some of the Europes top fashion brands under one umbrella. The company that started it all, Burton Menswear, offers smooth and imposing fashion for modern men looking for the latest thing or a classic exterior. Both Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge have been bringing high street style to the fashion-conscious woman for decades and continue to innovate. Both Topman and Toshop cater to the younger generations, bringing current trends in clothes, make-up and accessories to teens and tweens of all kinds. Add to that list Evans, Outfit and Wallis and you'll start to see why Arcaida Group deals are a handy thing to have in the back pocket!

Collaborative fashion creations done in an ethical way

With Arcadia Group deals you get a myriad of store brands delivering creations that are possible thanks to the Arcadia groups dedication to fostering collaborative relations between their separate brands. Now add to that a focus on leaving a legacy that is more than just fashion. Their fashion footprint programme is geared towards promoting environmentally sustainable production and infrastructure, ethical and fair treatment when it comes to employees and a positive impact on the communities their stores inhabit. The end result is that an Arcadia Group store is a place that adds towards the quotient of well-being in its location while also providing exciting fashion choices.

  • A diverse and expansive range of fashion stores to choose from

  • Huge numbers of easy to locate outlets

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