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Up to 20% off selected GoPro products
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Save up to 20% on selected GoPro products including the GoPro HERO6 the GoPro Karma drone and numerous accessories
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10% off Google Home and Google Home Mini
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Get 10% off the Google Home and Google Home Mini smart speakers powered by the Google Assistant at BT Shop
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Unlimited BT Infinity

Get Unlmited BT + UK weekend calls - find out more at @BT! 

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Check out BT's seemingly endless list of great electronics at! 

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Excellent Deals

Discover great deals for all of your phone, internet and mobile needs.

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Shop for range of broadband and BT Infinity at great prices at BT

Connect to the Web or Purchase BT Broadband with BT Voucher

BT Deals are your passport to Premier League football fixtures, affordable internet connections and mobile or landline contracts that compete with anyone in the business. Formerly known as British Telecom (when the business was publicly owned), BT became private in the 1980s and has grown steadily since, becoming a global communications player. Nowadays, everyday customers rely on BT Infinity broadband connections, watch cricket, football and motor sports on BT Sport, and make calls via BT Mobiles - a sign of how vast the company's range of services has become.

Find Discounts for Everything BT Infinity & BT Broadband

Although BT has huge business operations, for most bargain hunters, three of its arms are most important: BT Broadband, BT Mobile and BT Sport. These companies provide access to superfast broadband, contract and pay as you go mobile services, as well as 42 Premier League matches every year. BT have cleverly ensured that you can purchase them all together, creating entertainment and communications solutions for every aspect of life. You can find BT deals for web connections, mobiles for sports streaming, and digital TV subscriptions to purchase content. And, of course, you can stay in touch as well. So if you need entertainment and communications products, they are the company to check out.

Purchase Broadband, Internet Packages and More at

If you want to sign up for a BT service, head over to, and choose the area of the company you are interested in. The options available include Broadband, TV and Broadband, Landlines, BT Sport and BT Mobile, and there's a huge range of different packages to choose from as well. If speed is your priority, there are ultra-fast options. You can choose mobiles with extra data and 4G compatibility, and you can customise your Sport package to include the channels you need, and check the current listings instantly so you don't miss a single boxing match or football fixture. Everything can be purchased online, where BT deals appear all the time. And that's not all. At, you can also:

  • Upgrade your existing BT Broadband package to the latest technology

  • Choose BT Infinity fibre-optic broadband for the fastest connections

  • Watch sport in 4K resolution with BT Sport 4K UHD

  • Choose landline packages with free weekend calls

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