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Fat Face offer great tees and sweatshirts with that well-worn feel.

Fat Face began their story back in the eighties with two young ski enthusiast. Now they offer top quality tees and sweat shirts as well as a variety of other clothing options at over 209 stores around the UK and Ireland.

Fat Face Deals come with quality as standard

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Tim Slade and Jules leave started Fat Face back in 1988 in order to keep themselves in enough cash to continue skiing throughout the season. Creating tailored t-shirts for each individual resort, they made a name for themselves as dealers in quality clothing with a unique and creative twist. Nowadays, you can enjoy Fat Face deals at hundreds of location found all over the UK and Ireland. They are now a firmly established brand that caters to men, women and children in a variety of different clothing categories.

That well worn feeling doesn't always have to be earned

One unique aspect of Fat Face deals is that you get to enjoy clothes that feel broken in to just the right level. Fat Face wash their items multiple times to create that 'old favourite' feeling from the very beginning. Each item is made and designed in England and reflects the active lifestyles of the founders and the clients who have grown to love the brand over the years. The name of the company reflects this also as it is taken in part from their favourite ski run 'La Face' in Val D’Isere.

Great deals that are easy to get your hands on

Aside from the multitude of stores to visit wherever you are, you can also get your hands of Fat Face deals from the comfort of your own home thanks to the company's easy to use website. Here, you'll see all the latest designs and collections showcased in a way that gives you a sense of just how good they will look when you start to wear them for yourself. They also offer free shipping on any order above £60. With the kind of quality on offer and that kind of service, you can rest assured that a Fat Face deal makes a good deal even better.

  • Over 200 different locations throughout the UK and Ireland, each offering free in store delivery within 4 days.

  • Great quality clothing designed and made in England.

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