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Enjoy fresh, ethical beauty with these Lush Deals

Lush Deals: money off from an innovative shop

Lush is a shop that is founded on ethical principles. t began in a small factory in Poole in Dorset but now its fame has spread world wide. Against animal testing, and against using animal products in their recipes, the team at Lush have been beloved by vegans for many years. Focusing on delicious scents and creative products, the Lush range has to be seen to be believed. Bubble bars dissolve into a wonderful muddle of glitter and rainbow colours when thrown into hot bath water, fresh face masks infuse your skin with lettuce and mint, and the massage bars melt between your fingers to create aromas of butter, chocolate and coffee. Lush provides all kinds of beauty products including moisturisers for face, body and hands, face masks, exfoliants, bubble baths, shower gels and bath bombs. More recently, it has branched out into toothpaste. The shop's makeup range is also bright, colourful and ethical. Finally, Lush also offers a gorgeous selection of perfumes that come in the form of roll on colognes, lipstick style sticks for rubbing on to the wrists and spray bottles. With these Lush Deals, you can get plenty of money off all of your favourite Lush products, so now is definitely the time to go on a spending spree at this shop.

Amazing prices with these Lush Deals

Getting deals on Lush items means that now is the perfect time to purchase that new bright red lipstick, or to purchase a relaxing massage bar. Lush is also an amazing shop to go to whenever you need to buy someone a nice gift. There is something extra special about the fact that Lush's products are hand made. Every item in the Lush store is given a personal touch in the form of a sticker depicting the person who made your facial moisturiser or conditioner by hand. You can really smell the freshness of the ingredients and everything about these products will uplift you and help you to enjoy life.

In sum, then, the key benefits of using these Lush Deals include:

  • Hand made products

  • Fresh, delicious ingredients

  • A great range of beauty related items

  • No animal testing

  • Something a little luxurious for a fraction of the price

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