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Novatech is a leading UK retailer of PCs, networking equipment, and PC accessories

Shop for the PC Products you Need with Novatech Deals

Novatech deals are ideal for anyone who needs a new desktop or laptop PC, or for more techically minded customers who are looking to build their own system from individual components. Founded in 1989, the company operates a single retail outlet near Portsmouth, but deliver their products all over the country. Over the years, they have developed a reputation for low cost and high reliability, making them the vendor of choice for UK government buyers and companies that need to install new IT systems or repair existing ones. So, if you have any IT related needs, they are the company to visit, whether you see them in person or visit the Novatech website.

A Huge Product Range and the Skills to Support Every Customer

Novatech's success has been based on two things. On one hand, the company offers a vast product range. At their website, you can choose from 20,000 PC components, from flash and internal hard drives to memory, gaming controllers, cables, networking cards, modems and desktop cases. This breadth makes them the go-to retailer for businesses with complex needs, as Novatech can usually supply the components they require. The other major strength of the company is service. Novatech's 200 staff provide full advice and support for customers, helping to ensure that they purchase the right IT products for their situation. And with Novatech deals across their range, whatever you need can be bought cheaply as well.

Shop for PCs and Much More at

The best place to search for Novatech's PCs and components is their online store - The website is massive, with sections on laptops, desktops, monitors, networking, tablets, storage systems and software. All of the IT worlds major brands are included, such as Dell, Intel, HP and Microsoft, and there are special sections for gaming enthusiasts as well. If you want to set up a powerful gaming station as cheaply as possible, Novatech are the people to contact. From schools to insurers and accountants to sports clubs, Novatech serves a wide variety of clients. When you join them at, you can access services like:

  • Specialist sections dedicated to setting up rack servers

  • The Wish List tool, which enables you to add hundreds of products

  • A special deals section

  • Live chat support to help make the right decision

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