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Free Home Delivery when you spend £35 or more at Pets at Home online!
Expires 09/06/2018
Free Home Delivery when you spend £35 or more at Pets at Home online!
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Pets at Home Vouchers are the Cat's Meow and All Your Other Pet's Favorites, Too

Pets at Home Vouchers Are for Your Furry, Finned, and Scaly-Skinned Best Friends

Use the Pets at Home Vouchers to find food, accessories, bedding, toys, grooming services, and vet services for your pets, including dogs, cats, reptiles, chickens, horses, and even wildlife. You will find it all on their online store while saving money with the Pets at Home vouchers.



Shop With Confidence in Pets at Home's Pet Expertise

Pets at Home was founded in 1991, and they have built their business on their expertise which they freely share with their customers. Their Pet Care Advice covers dogs, cats, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, degus, ferrets, gerbils, chickens, fish, horses, and reptiles including snakes, frogs, turtles, lizards, and bearded dragons. For each of these animals, they cover issues such as if it is the right pet for you, size, breed, time needed, diet, health, training, and travel. They also give advice on gardening to attract and support wildlife throughout the year. They include birds, hedgehogs, badgers, foxes, insects, butterflies, bees, lacewings, ladybirds, squirrels, rabbits, ducks, and swans. The expertise they share should allow you to shop with confidence using Pets at Home vouchers.

When Using Pets at Home Vouchers You Get More Than Just Savings

Pets at Home has everything your pets need no matter what type of pet you have, and with Pets at Home Vouchers, you get it all at a savings. However, Pets at Home shows their concern and passion for pets by offering more, both online and in their stores. They offer:

  • Kids workshops to teach kids the joys and responsibilities of pet ownership.
  • Groom Rooms open seven days a week and offering pet grooming and microchipping.
  • Vet Centers located in stores and at separate locations with extended hours. The Vet Centers offer 24-hour emergency care, labs, x-rays, and surgery.
  • Pet insurance
  • A VIP Club with discounts, special offers, news, tips, a free magazine, charity donations, a pet birthday present, a health check, a lost pet service with emergency vet services, and free pet stays at Holiday Cottages.

So, use the Pets at Home vouchers to buy what your pets need and enjoy, and take advantage of all the extras that Pets at Home offer.

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