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TJ Hughes Deal- THE UK department store for discounted furniture, homewares, clothing and premium beauty products.

TJ Hughes vouchers - savings on savings

TJ Hughes is known for its discount prices, so when you find TJ Hughes vouchers you are saving on a saving. The shop sells a full range of products that you would expect to find in a department store. This includes a homewares range, clothing, toys, garden, electrical and beauty. Unlike many discount stores, TJ Hughes stocks premium items and customers will recognize the excellent quality brands, especially in the beauty and electrical departments.

TJ Hughes- a history of discounts

Thomas J Hughes started trading from his small shop 1921 in Liverpool’s London Road. TJ Hughes then opened as a single department store in Liverpool in 1925 when it moved into Audley House. Today there are 20 TJ Hughes stores in the UK from the south coast to Scotland, with particular prominence in the Northwest region of the country. The company remains family owned and the headquarters are still in Liverpool where the story began. Informally known as TJs to its loyal shoppers, this discount department store has a special place in the hearts of bargain-loving UK shoppers.

A taste of quality at TJ Hughes

Every TJ Hughes store is a treat to visit. High-end, quality homewares at discounted prices are the order of the day at all stores. TJ’s stores are bright, easy to navigate and have friendly staff on every level.

Electricals at TJ Hughes

Many customers head to the store for discounted electricals, which range from small appliances such as electric toothbrushes to larger appliances such as televisions. The store also sells a range of kitchen gadgets such as fryers, kettles, toasters, blenders and much more.

Beauty at TJs

Those in the know buy all their beauty solutions at TJ Hughes from makeup to skin care and beauty gadgets. That’s because it’s easy to get hold of premium, luxury brands at the sorts of prices usually found on everyday makeup and toiletries.

TJ Hughes vouchers

Serious bargain hunters can enjoy TJ Hughes vouchers, which give even more money off the stores already discounted prices. We feature TJ Hughes promotions right here on this site within our Fashion vouchers, Beauty vouchers, and Electrical vouchers listings.

  • Discount department store

  • 1000's of products

  • Family run

  • 20 UK stores

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